Coronavirus Update

We understand the new interest in antibody testing for COVID-19 but would like to make a few things clear. There is a blood test available through Quest Diagnostics, however, it is not FDA approved and not recommended for routine use by the CDC and NY Health Department. The results can cross react with other common coronavirus strains (which cause the common cold). It is unknown what the meaning of a positive result (or for that matter, a negative) would mean. You may or may not be truly immune and if you are for for how long. Therefore, knowing the result is positive does not mean you can feel confident breaking social distancing rules. Currently, NY State and several hospitals are conducting studies to assess the validity and appropriate use of such testing. We will continue to stay abreast of the situation and make changes as needed.

Dear families,

In an effort to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we be implementing some new temporary protocols in the office.

Walk- ins will be cancelled until further notice.

Well visits and routine visits will be scheduled in the mornings. If your child develops fever prior to the appointment, please reschedule. We especially encourage our patients under 2 to continue with their routine visits and vaccinations as this is important for their health.

We have decreased the number of doctors and staff in the office to support with social distancing therefore, you may be asked to schedule with another provider.

Sick visits will be scheduled in the afternoons by appointment only. All patients (and caretakers) will need to wear a mask during their time in the office.

Our new office hours will be 9am -5pm Monday to Friday. We will continue to see sick visits on Saturday mornings as arranged with the on call doctor.

Currently, we are able to provide testing of COVID-19 in our office. These limited tests will be administered to appropriate patients only. The test results take 4-5 days and the family would need to be quarantined until results are in.

We encourage families to come to appointments with as few people as possible- preferably only 1 caretaker and leaving siblings at home whenever possible.

The doctors and nurses are available to discuss symptoms and help you decide whether the child needs to be seen. COVID-19 is viral illness and for most patients can be managed at home with supportive care. We are here to help you and your children navigate these stressful situations. Please continue to call with any concerns at (212) 529-4330.

Other resources you may find helpful are NYS Coronavirus hotline 888-364-3065 and dialing 311 in NYC.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented event. We are committed to providing our families with a safe and healthy medical home.
Drs. Zullo, Rosello, Ferrier and Brownstein.